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An applicant is a person who has filled out the necessary paperwork in order to become an apprentice. An applicant is placed on a ranked list based on submitted criteria and can continue to turn in more documents to achieve a higher ranking and possible entry into the Inside Electrician Program.

Although your application can remain active for up to 2 years here are some ways to make sure your application is kept on file.

  • Make sure you meet the minimum qualifications: a drivers license, HS diploma or GED,  HS or college transcripts with 2.0 GPA or better,  HS or college algebra and a math placement test if algebra was taken 5+ years ago. If these minimum qualifications are not met or there is no documentation on file to show evidence of meeting the requirements, then the file will be removed from the ranked list of applicants.
  • Make sure you inform us if your address or phone number changes. Each year we send out a “Letter of Intent” to the address listed in your file. We remove applicants that do not return this “Letter of Intent” or if is returned to sender.
  • After 2 years your application is removed from the ranked list and a new application must be submitted. If this is the case you can call the office and ask for your application and documentation to be saved. By using this past application materials it can make it easier to fill out the application and submit the documentation for points.
  • Please respond in a timely manner to calls or mail-outs from apprenticeship employers or the apprenticeship office. The highest ranked applicants are interviewed by the committee to be places in the “TOP 10” and are referred out to employers for employment.

Here are some helpful forms:

Selection Methods

Applicant Ranking

TOP Apprentices

Here are some helpful links:

BOLI – Information for Vets

BOLI – Apprenticeship and Training Division

Oregon Apprenticeship Guide – Inside Electrician

Oregon Statewide Apprentice Opportunities

Questions about Apprenticeship

Applicant FAQs

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